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Child & Adolescent Psychology

Emma-Rose Parsons

After graduating in 2004, with years of experience working with children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, social difficulties and learning challenges, both in school settings and privately, Emma-Rose moved to the USA to study and work further in the field of Autism, using modern Applied Behavioural Analysis. Emma-Rose has been able to work closely with leading psychologists in this area and has thoroughly enjoyed learning from such experts. Since this time, Emma-Rose has worked with children and teens with a variety of challenges, specializing in working with those who struggle socially and find it challenging to learn on their own.

After a number of years in private practice, working with children, families, teachers and other professionals, Emma-Rose opened Spectrum House in 2008. She now works with families, teachers, teens and children, helping to teach individuals to learn on their own from their environments and to understand and enjoy social interactions. Emma-Rose is passionate about increasing a family’s quality of life, by offering Education, Understanding and Skills for Life.

Emma-Rose is excited to have a fabulous team at Spectrum House and thanks the passionate and highly qualified team members for all of their effort and positive energy.